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Pat Martin Mobile DJ

Wedding Entertainer & Coordinator | Erie's Wedding DJ

What Do You Get With Pat Martin Mobile DJ

What I Offer You

  • Over 30 years of wedding experience
  • Only book one wedding a day
  • Will meet with you before your wedding
  • Will not subcontract your wedding to other DJ's
  • Arrive two hours before contracted time
  • Music playing one hour before contracted time
  • Will not try to up-sell you extras.
  • Carry extra P.A. equipment, as well as wedding accessories (bouquets, garters, and cake cutters)
  • Don't drink or smoke
  • Will not bring my cell phone to your wedding

Passion and Dedication to the Industry

It doesn't feel like over 30 years that I sat in my parents' basement with my mock radio station playing 45's and introducing the songs just like they did on the radio. Dragging all that equipment out of the basement, I started playing music for family picnics and friends' parties. Now 30 years later and hundreds of weddings later, I can help make your reception just what you want it to be.

"When you hire Pat Martin you get Pat Martin. Be careful of mega DJ companies that employ more than one DJ. If their contract says "we have the right to substitute dj's," be wary, you don't want to arrive at your reception to find Joe Whoever who's never played a reception before waiting for you."

In over 30 years, I 've never missed an event.

My contract says Pat Martin Mobile DJ
and you get Pat Martin Mobile DJ