Look beyond the glitz.

Let’s face it.  All DJ’s have big speakers, we all have the fancy light show, we all have up-lighting, etc.

If you see a DJ with it, yes, I have it, too!  But here’s what I have that most others don’t–the knowledge to know that you need more than speakers and lights. What if something goes wrong? I carry extra cutting utensils for the cake, an extra bouquet. an extra garter, and extra bride and groom champagne glasses. What happens if someone steps on the bride’s dress and tears it? I carry safety pins and a sewing kit, along with scissors, tape, band-aids, and aspirin. All things I have learned that are often needed and I have been happy to provide over the years.

What I Offer

  • Over 35 years of wedding experience
  • Only book one wedding a day
  • Will meet with you before your wedding
  • Will not subcontract your wedding to other DJ’s
  • Arrive two hours before contracted time
  • Music playing one hour before contracted time
  • Will not try to up-sell you extras
  • Don’t drink or smoke
Pat Martin performing DJ services at a wedding in Erie, PA

Want to learn more? Ready to hire a DJ?

When you hire Pat Martin, you actually get Pat Martin! 
In over 35 years, I’ve never missed an event, so you can trust me to be there and to be on time, prepared, and helpful.

Be careful of mega DJ companies that employ multiple DJs. And if their contract says, “We have the right to substitute DJs,” be wary.  You don’t want to arrive at your reception to find some Joe Whoever waiting for you, who’s never played a reception before.

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