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Pat Martin Mobile DJ

Wedding Entertainer & Coordinator | Erie's Wedding DJ

A Bit About Pat Martin Mobile DJ

Experience with Personality

You don't need a high school diploma, college degree or license of any kind. If you have a stereo and some music you can call yourself a DJ. This is why Erie is so saturated with so called DJ's. What sets me apart is my experience, personality, and care that goes into making your wedding special.

Passion and Dedication to the Industry

It doesn't feel like over 30 years that I sat in my parents' basement with my mock radio station playing 45's and introducing the songs just like they did on the radio. Dragging all that equipment out of the basement, I started playing music for family picnics and friends' parties. Now 30 years later and hundreds of weddings later, I can help make your reception just what you want it to be.

"In 1984 I played at my first wedding reception and since then I have made hundreds and hundreds of receptions very special."